24 June 2019

My company is moving to a new office

Once you start to achieve some success, it's a given that your startup company will eventually experience some growing pains, from scrambling to find new qualified personnel as you ramp up operations to dealing with unexpected regulatory requirements. One thing you can also count on is the need for more office space as your business continues to grow. Whether you are moving your business from your garage or are transitioning from a smaller office to a larger office space, it's prudent to determine as soon as possible what technology you will need. If your IT team lacks experience moving into a new space, you can always hire IT consultants and take advantage of their years of experience bringing startups into new locations.

Proper Cabling

Your organization depends on the reliable flow of information and energy. This means there will be data and power cables to take into consideration, with much of the cabling being run through the walls. Do a walkthrough of the premises to determine what kind of cabling exists and what will need to be augmented or upgraded to connect all your equipment.

Network Equipment

If you're moving into new offices to accommodate a growing crew, your network equipment may need to be augmented as well. Now you will likely be making decisions about whether to use local servers or to go with a cloud computing services provider, such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Are you planning to give executives their own dedicated printers and providing networked printers in a few locations for employees working out of cubicles?

Wireless Devices

Your employees, clients, vendors and other visitors will expect to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. If the premises are not setup for this already, plan to bring in equipment for wireless devices too.


More cabling may come into play here, and you'll want to have reliable handsets on every desk if you are not relying on BYOD smartphones. You can cut down on cabling requirements if you deploy Voice over Internet Protocol. Instead of filling your office with telephone cabling, you can rely on your internet connection to give your team VoIP service.

Audiovisual Equipment

One reason to move to a new office space is to have more room for conferences and presentations. To that end, you'll install projector screens and monitors for video conferencing.

Going Green

Your company may want to tout the fact that you are "going green" in your marketing materials. To that end, when moving to a new office, you can get rid of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs and even fluorescents and install LED light fixtures, which last longer and are more energy efficient. Add motion sensors to automatically shut lights off when people vacate conference rooms and offices, further lowering your utility bills. Minimizing disruption as you move to new facilities is crucial. Make sure to walk through your new office space with IT professionals to determine more clearly the specific technology infrastructure you'll need to have in place well before moving day.